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The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ Is a continuation of the original organisation brought forth through the Prophet Joseph Smith Junior  and formally organised on 6 April 1830. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ recognises Joseph Smith Junior as one of the greatest Prophets of God and we believe that he fulfilled the mission and work on earth that the Lord had appointed to him. The following scripture indicates that he would be faithful until death:- "Verily I say unto you, The keys of this kingdom shall never be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come; nevertheless, through you shall the oracles be given to another" (D&C 90:2-4 Revelation given through Joseph Smith Jr, Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Translator to the church, April 1830)


When Joseph Smith Jr and Oliver Cowdery were baptised and ordained by the powers of heaven, the authority to perform the ordinances of the church were once more set down upon the earth and from that foundational beginning, the church was commanded to organise and this was gradually accomplished. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ maintains that only the living Prophet can receive prophecy for the whole church. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ maintains that all who seek the Lord in faith and humility from the least to the greatest, from a God that changes not and who is not a respecter of persons can and will receive instructions for that area of stewardship they are called upon to perform, but for revelations for the church as a whole only the Prophet can receive such instruction.

The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ also believes in the literal interpretation of the Scriptures and accepts the Inspired Version of the Bible, The Restored Covenant Edition of The Book of Mormon, The Chronicles of The Children of Ararneck and the Restored Branch Edition of The Doctrine and Covenants as Scriptures to be used by all members of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ.




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