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An Invitation to all Disaffected Believers:

We invite all who believe the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet Joseph Smith but who are estranged from their church organisation or their leaders, whether they be LDS, COC, etc., to come and fellowship with people of like faith and commitment. We offer ministry, support and fellowship to individuals. Today many of those who have become disaffected are now sadly missing the stability and fellowship that once characterised their lives; they may of lost hope, direction or purpose. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ invites everyone to regain the faith that once steadied their lives and the direction that they may have lost. The faith and belief that they once supported and which once gave them life and support is still with us and its home is The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ, you are not alone the Restoration faith which believes in the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith is still alive!  The call to harvest with all our might remains undone and the need to bring the inhabitants of the world into the freedom and enlightenment available through the gospel of Jesus is urgent.  The task of building up the kingdom of God where its residents gladly choose their Creator as their Father and love one another in word and deed has become more imperative if peace, joy and brotherhood are to fill the world.  We invite you to join with us in fulfilling these great tasks.


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Or by filling out the following form.  Provide only the information that you wish to disclose.
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