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We welcome in Restoration fellowship those who wish to join with us from around the world to become members of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ and members of the Lord's Restored Church for this age. We welcome those to membership who are committed to leading Restoration, Christian lives, who accept our Articles of Faith, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the Prophet of Joseph Smith, Jr. and the leadership and moral guidance of the living Prophet in our day who has been called to stand in brother Josephs stead, Matthew P. Gill. All Members of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ agree to support The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ financially by regular tithing and donations, according to one's conscience, and to support it spiritually by upholding it by prayer, sacrifice and to worship regularly with others who are joined in membership.

If you have a desire to follow Christ’s restored teachings and obey His commandments, you are encouraged to contact the branch and the Prophet will introduce you to the basic principles of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, when you are ready, you can become a member of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ. the Restored branch of Jesus Christ does not require re-baptism but if you feel you wish to be re-baptised we are more than happy to be able to offer this great service. once you have decided to join with us hands will be placed upon your head and it is then that you will be confirmed as a member of the Church and a blessing will be placed upon you that you may receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (see Acts 8:18-20).





As a member of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ, you belong to a young but growing congregation of dedicated members. While at branch services you are taught the truths contained within the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will have many opportunities for service, have access to the living Priesthood and all its ordinances, and find fellowship with other Branch members within the branch, it is there that you have a Prophet and teachers who help to teach you and serve you. Another promise of membership is the promise to serve. Having callings extended or responsibilities within the branch is a wonderful blessing and opportunity. When you serve, you will grow spiritually and temporally and you will experience the joy of following Jesus’s example in service. As a member of the branch you will form friendship and love with those you serve as you reach out to help others on the path to eternal life in the kingdom of the Father. As you serve within the branch you will find that you will be strengthened on your journey by The Lord. There are many ways that you can serve in The Restored Branch. You may be asked to teach a Sunday class, give a Sunday sermon, bless or pass the Sacrament or fulfill a variety of other responsibilities. In addition to whatever formal assignments you receive, you can often serve best by just being a friend to the members of the branch congregation, as well as those not of our faith.


We must remember that as members of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ we are blessed to be guided in our day just as the early saints in the 1830’s and 40’s by a living Prophet who receives ongoing revelation from God. We know that Gods plan will give us peace in this life and glorious blessings in the life to come. It is in these truths we find joy, and for these reasons we help one another on our journey.


If you are interested in joining with us please contact us via our contact page and we will do all we can to assist you on your path to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ



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