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The Restored Branch


  • We believe in Almighty God (Heavenly Father) and in his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit.

  • We are the Latter Day continuation of the original Church of Jesus Christ established on earth by Jesus Christ and his Apostles, and restored by Joseph Smith, Jr in 1830.

  • In past ages, God began to speak to us through the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.

  • God continues to speak to us today through the Scriptures of the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, the Book of Jeraneck, and continuing revelation through his living Prophet.

  • While mankind are inclined towards sin through the example of our first parent, Adam, we may freely choose to obey God’s Plan of Salvation or reject it and follow Satan.

  • Through repentance, baptism and obedience to Jesus Christ and the Gospel, we may overcome sin and death and return to God to live eternally with Him.

  • As Christ’s Church, we have been commissioned by Christ to spread the Gospel to all peoples and nations in these Last Day's and to prepare for the physical return of Christ.

  • The Plan of Salvation enables us to return to Almighty God, The Heavenly Father, after our lives end, and lets us live according to His will while we are here on earth.

  • Before our birth into physical bodies here on earth, each of us existed in the Pre-Mortal world as purely spiritual beings.

  • We were sent to earth to receive a physical body and to be tested to determine our eternal destiny.

  • Here, we are tempted by Satan, a fallen angel who disobeyed Heavenly Father and was cast out of heaven. Satan wishes us to fail and to be eternally separated from Heavenly Father, as he is.

  • All people have fallen short of God’s will for our lives.

  • But God wishes us to repent, be Born Again, and stop sinning. (D&C 49:13)

  • Jesus Christ, the Son of Heavenly Father, revealed teachings and commandments of God that allow us be Born Again, stop sinning and attain salvation.

  • God has revealed scriptures to us to guide us and keep us from sinning.

  • When we recognise these Truths, we are baptised and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

  • Upon baptism, we are reborn and begin living according to the will of God.

  • At baptism, we make a covenant with Jesus Christ and with Heavenly Father that we will not live sinfully anymore.

  • By continuing to live in fellowship with Jesus Christ, by following his teachings, principles and the precepts God has revealed through Christ and God’s Prophets, we will attain salvation.

  • We have the ability to freely choose to obey Satan or the will of our Heavenly Father, as revealed by Jesus Christ and His Prophets. (2 Nephi 2)

  • We will be judged by God after our physical deaths according to our works in this life. (Alma 41; Moroni 7)




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