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​​Why Choose Us?

The main reasons why you should choose to worship and join with The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ is because the work of the Branch as restored by Joseph Smith in 1830 still lies undone and the work has need of willing hands.  Indeed it must be understood that Zion is yet to be redeemed in the eyes of the Lord.  We at The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ testify that Jesus Christ restored His church to earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1830, gracing it with the Saviour's pristine gospel, returning His original ordinances and authorising new Apostles and Prophets to proclaim the glad tidings of the gospel.  The Restoration of 1830 began with the revelation that scattered Israel would be gathered in and cleansed. The Lord even provided a book, written by an ancient remnant of native Americans of North America to facilitate that work. Translated by the gift and power of God, The Book of Mormon is one of the foremost witnesses to the Restoration. Its appearance, coupled with marvelous manifestations of spiritual gifts similar to those endowing the apostolic church, attracted thousands to the restored church and to the Prophet Joseph Smith.


However the church grew too fast and with this growth some members of the church made excuses for immorality under the claim that it’s was a part of the restored light of the gospel. The accompanying adultery or Polygamy overtook many church leaders and almost ensnared Joseph, but before the Prophet and Seer could correct the perversion and the practise of Polygamy amongst many in the church he was murdered by his friends while jailed under frivolous charges. After the murder of the Prophet Joseph Smith the church fragmented into over twenty factions, because they would not listen to the Lord and his council concerning the succession of the office of prophet many stood and puffed themselves up and sought to take the kingdom for themselves and their followers, such people as Brigham Young, Sidney Rigdon, James Strang and others. These so called claimants to the Prophetic office scattered the members among groups in Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Kentucky and Illinois.  Today the Lord has seen fit to steady the ship and finally redeem Zion and also to call forth those that are willing to shine a light upon the truth and so he has called a new Prophet and Seer and has brought forth new scripture to help redeem Zion and his church. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ stands as the only true church of Christ upon the face of the earth and it is through the Lords anointed Prophet that he has given us direction and has set right what was once torn down and has made what was hidden once again to stand in the light of truth. So with this The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ is established and has brought forth new scripture called The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck which stands as a witness to Christ along with the Bible and the Book of Mormon and we are ready to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father of us all even God and to bring the world his truth and light again the path of mankind even unto salvation.





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