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The Chronicles of

The Children of Araneck

A Further Testimony of Jesus Christ


A Record of the Early Inhabitants of the British Isles


The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck which contains The Book of Jeraneck and The Book of Rayaneck is Scripture of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ. It was translated by Matthew Gill, Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Translator of the Church, in 2006 and 2015.


Throughout history much has been written concerning those who once lived upon the Isles of Great Britain in the era some call the pre-history of the world. Much has been spoken of the people that built Stonehenge, Woodhenge and all the other stone monuments and burial grounds that are found throughout the lands of Great Britain, however not one of these so called historians has had any record or writing to base their claims and ideas on. Now a record has come forward written by those that lived anciently upon the land of Great Britain between the years 3000 B.C until 700 B.C and much of what they have written will shock and destroy many of the false ideas that many of these learned men of the world have had to say concerning the past of those that lived long ago upon the land of Great Britain.


The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck stands as the record of a dying civilisation of early Britain which had constructed Stonehenge and the other stone circles, hill forts and burial mounds and other such places as meeting places and places of worship of Almighty God, the same God who brought them from the Tower of Babel to Britain to have them serve Him as His People.


The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck answers fundamental questions that have perplexed historians for centuries, like: - What were the early peoples of Britain like? Where did they come from? What did they believe? And who built the ancient Megaliths like Stonehenge - and for what purpose?




Now those questions have answers and they are to be found within the pages of this record, The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck.

Read excerpts from this astounding book:       


“As you read the words of this record, a record of the history of my people you will feel us, see us and the Spirit will testify just as he has with me that all these things are true. For I see you, I feel you, I know of your day. Soon you will know of my time and my people and this record, for I have seen it come forth unto you, and it will speak to you, and it will touch your very soul” - The Prophet Jeraneck, in the Book of Jeraneck, Chapter 15:6-8


“Oh Lord, my God, hear the words of my mouth, for I am thy servant... for we have been faithful and we have erected many stone monuments unto thee, just as you have commanded us to do and we have done this not for our own edification but for yours, oh Lord, and we have done this so that those that follow after us will know that we were the People of Araneck”

- The Book of Sharaneck, Chapter 4:7


“I have been upon the watch towers. I have seen the destruction and the death that covers the whole land. I have heard the cries of the children and the mothers and the fathers. I have heard them beg for their lives. I have heard them cry for mercy. And I have cried and I have wept for this land is now desolate and all our great buildings are gone” - The Book of Jeraneck Chapter 12:38-42


“The time will come when the Lord will call you forth from out of the world. And he will call you forth, and you must come and you must answer the calling. And he will show you the way” - The Records of the Religious Practices of the People of Light, in the Book of Jeraneck.


The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck like The Book of Mormon will remain and stand as a cherished part of the official cannon of scripture of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ and continues to stand as a witness to the validity of the prophetic calling of Matthew P Gill. 

        To read the Chronicles of The Children of Araneck online follow this link: Online Edition


You can now purchase a copy of the Chronicles of The Children of Araneck  from the branch store: Online Store

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