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The Inspired Version


The Bible


The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ recognises The Inspired Version of The Holy Bible as the only Bible ordained of God upon the earth today. As far as God is concerned and as far as his church is concerned we proclaim to the world with a voice loud and clear for all to hear that The Inspired Version of the Bible is a thousand times better than any other Bible now existing on the earth. The Prophet Joseph Smith did the bulk of his work on The Inspired Version of the Bible between June 1830 and July 1833. By 1833, he felt it was sufficiently complete that preparations for publication could begin, though continual lack of time and funds prevented this great work from appearing in its entirety during his lifetime. He continued to make a few revisions and to prepare the manuscript for printing until he was killed in 1844.


Many of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s revisions to the Bible led to significant developments in the doctrines of the church. During the process of translation, when he came across troubling Biblical issues, the Prophet often dictated revelations that were relevant to the church. About half of the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants are in some way connected to this translation process, including background on the Apocrypha (D&C section 91), the three degrees of glory (section 76 ), teachings on baptism for the dead (section 124), various revelations on priesthood (sections 84, 88, 107) and others. Overall, 3,410 verses in The Inspired Version of The Bible differ in 




textual construction from the King James Version. Of the total of 1,289 verses changed in the Old Testament, 25 correspond to the additions of Moses 1, and 662 occur in the book of Genesis. Therefore more than half of the changed verses in The Inspired Version of the Old Testament and 20% of those in the entire Inspired Version of The Bible are contained in Moses 1 and Genesis, with the most extensive modifications occurring in Genesis 1-24. As a proportion of page count, changes in Genesis occur four times more frequently than in the New Testament, and twenty-one times more frequently than in the rest of the Old Testament. The changes in Genesis are not only more numerous, but also more significant in the doctrinal understanding of our faith. Unfortunately the Prophet Joseph Smith did not live to see his great work published. Upon his death the manuscripts and documents pertaining to the translation were retained by his widow, Emma Smith, who would not give them to anyone instead waiting until the time was right for it to be published. Following Joseph Smith's death, John Milton Bernhisel asked permission of Emma Smith to copy the notes that were made into his own Bible. He spent much of the spring of 1845 working on this project. However today the Bernhisel Bible still only contains less than half of the corrections and is not suitable for publication. Thankfully when Joseph Smith the 3rd was old enough he was able to have his father's work published to the world  in full and thanks in part to the strong will and dedication of Emma Smith and Joseph Smith the 3rd we have the Inspired Version of the Bible with us today in its purity.

To read an online edition of the IVB please follow the link: IVB Online


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